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Obama Administration Created Tax Loophole for Jets

President Obama has gone on the verbal warpath during the current debt ceiling negotiations by chiding Republicans to “Eat their peas” and trying to shame them by saying if his daughter can get her homework done on time, Congress should be able to get their work done on time. Tactics you’d expect from a 13 year old, but something we’ve come to expect from one who is becoming known as “The Great Divider.”

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Public Union Employees Outnumber Private Union Employees

Its official…there are now more public sector union employees than private sector union employees. Mark 2010 as the year that the union label no longer means Made in America, but bankrupted America. After decades of raising American labor costs and consequently seeing these jobs move overseas, unions have long had their eye on taking over the government sector and we can expect to see an expansion of that plan for years to come under the Obama administration. Approximately 35% of all government workers now belong to a union, numbering about 7.6 million, or nearly 52% of all union members in the United States.

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White House Defends Waivers From New Health Law

The White House on Thursday had to go before the American people and explain why they were offering waivers to certain companies from a key provision in the new healthcare law that would have caused a drastic hike in those companies’ insurance premiums.

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Four Weeks and Counting

With only four weeks to go before the mid-term elections, this year is stacking up to be the dirtiest in history. Not only is the liberal print media turning up the heat by backing their traditional leftist Democratic candidates and agenda, but not a day goes by as so many leftist news organizations like the HuffingtonPost are doing it’s best to smear every conservative they can. And not a day or night goes by that CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC report story after story of smut and smears about Republican and Tea Party candidates.

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Did California legislature Give In to Conservative Tide?

Facing a conservative onslaught that currently shows Republican Meg Whitman 7 points ahead of Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Carly Fiorina in a dead heat with long time Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Boxer, the socialist Democratically controlled California legislature did a duck and cover with it’s recent agenda of leftist bills to vote on.

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Unemployment Rate Hits 22%

Although the official government unemployment rate rose to 9.6% in August, according to Shadowstats.com, the actual unemployment rate hit its previous high of 22%…and looks to go even higher.

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Thank You Mr. President

You mean Obama did something right? No, not that President! A big thanks to former President Jimmy Carter who returned today from Pyongyang North Korea with American captive Aijalon Gomes.

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Cuba: Capitalism Is Born

Has Cuba finally thrown in the towel and crossed over into the world of capitalism? Like virtually every communist country before it, the Cuban government has decided to dabble into the world of capitalism, but be forewarned…once you journey down that road, it’s almost impossible to come back. Just ask the Chinese and the Russians.

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More Obama Doublespeak

In a challenge to Republicans “to do the right thing” and approve pending legislation that Obama claims will get small businesses hiring, America’s top salesman is really pushing nothing more than another bank bailout. Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama declared an end to taxpayer bailouts when he signed a sweeping overhaul of financial rules. In his weekly radio and Internet address on Saturday, he described the new bailout program as “a common-sense” plan that would give badly needed lending help to small-business owners to expand and hire.

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What’s Hillary Going To Do?

Much speculation is swirling around the possibility of Hillary Clinton jumping ship on Obama and running for President. I for one am going to go out on a limb and predict that this will come true. Clinton is an opportunist and can smell weakness and I think that if the predications come true about the Republicans gaining control of the House, and add the distinct possibility of taking control of the Senate, Hillary will announce her resignation from the Obama regime and prepare her campaign to run against Obama in 2012.

If the Republicans gain control of either house of Congress, or at least win enough seats to get within a few seats of the Democratic majority, this will put an end to Obama’s radical socialist agenda and lead to virtual stagnation for the last two years of his administration. If Clinton ran against Obama with a sort of “I told you so” mentality and could convince voters that she is the true moderate who can work with the Republicans then she would have a good chance of defeating or at least better competing against a Republican presidential contender especially if the Republicans fail to come up with a strong opponent.

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