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Obama Administration Created Tax Loophole for Jets

President Obama has gone on the verbal warpath during the current debt ceiling negotiations by chiding Republicans to “Eat their peas” and trying to shame them by saying if his daughter can get her homework done on time, Congress should be able to get their work done on time. Tactics you’d expect from a 13 year old, but something we’ve come to expect from one who is becoming known as “The Great Divider.”

Yet out of all the unbearable whining that President Obama has thrown at us lately, his newest call to arms during the debt ceiling negotiations has been the tax loophole that corporations get for having private jets.

And although the amount of money that the government would gain in revenue from closing that loophole would be miniscule, the President likes to use examples like that anytime he can in his campaign to create class warfare.

But…what the president doesn’t want you to know is where that loophole came from because it would be mightly embarrassing if everyone knew, so of course, we’re going to tell you!

Wait for it…wait for it…

The loophole was created by none other than the great socialist economic team that he hired after his election and was part of the great Obama Stimulus Bill that didn’t stimulate anything except union paychecks.

How ironic that a loophole that they created should become the rallying cry for the Democrats who created it.

But that’s American politics. And would you really expect lame street media to do a little fact checking and discover the truth, much less report the truth, when it comes to their man Obama? Na-a-aw!

2 Responses to “Obama Administration Created Tax Loophole for Jets”
  • Mark59 says:

    Yeah, Obama was talking about the 1987 permanent change to the tax code that created the loophole. People are (whether through ignorance or dishonesty) confusing it with a later temporary change that was aimed at airlines not private jets………What was that about checking facts???

  • HypocritesParadise.com says:

    Actually Mark, you need to check your facts. This had nothing to do with the change in the tax code in 1987. Those tax breaks had already expired. The tax code was changed to help plane makers recover from the 2001 terror attacks which allowed for the faster depreciation of commercial and general aviation aircraft from seven years to five years. The tax deduction had already expired but ironically, Congress approved the tax break in the stimulus package to help businesses buy their own planes, just a few months after lawmakers scolded auto executives for flying to Washington in private jets. But when you’re probably getting your information from the bastions of liberalism like ThinkProgress or MoveOn, this is what I expect.

    If it bothers Obama that much he could have at least cut out the portion of the tax code that allowed for the depreciation in general aircraft and allowed for the accelerated depreciation for commercial aircraft to close the so-called loophole, so why did he allow it? Maybe perhaps because he is a hypocrite? Or gee…maybe at the time it seemed like a good idea to save jobs? Naw! Or maybe like the Healthcare Bill, he signed it before reading it so he didn’t know what was in it.

    Although I suspect members of Obama’s mis-information team probably totally missed it since it’s buried deep within the jargon of the stimulus bill, the fact remains, his own stimulus bill revived the tax credit for which he now has chosen to use in his propaganda campaign. The tax break helps the aviation manufacturing industry, particularly while the economy was in a fragile situation, but Obama wouldn’t know anything about saving jobs…well except union jobs.

    Though as an apparent Obama lover, I’m sure none of that is important to you, but think about this…what do you call a government who takes control of the healthcare industry? Marxist. What do you call a government who takes control of the financial industry? Marxist. What do you call a government who is trying to take control of the internet and control its information? Marxist. What do you call a government who tried to take control of public utilities (Cap and Trade)? Marxist. What do you call a government who uses their partner in Labor to infiltrate our school systems? Marxist. What do you call a government who uses government agencies to force companies to unionize? Marxist. What do you call a government who tries to control the press by excluding news organizations from questioning their activities? Marxist. These are all the things that Obama has done or is doing. If it looks like a Marxist, if it smells like a Marxist, and if it behaves like a Marxist, it’s a Marxist. Wake up my friend. One day you’re going to get out of bed and realize you live in a communist country and you’re going to wonder how you got there…piece by piece by piece.

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