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Voices of America

Once upon a time in this country, people existed who were willing to speak up for freedom and liberty, who faced certain death for expressing their beliefs, and who endured unthinkable persecution for standing up in what they believe in.

Whether they rode a horse through the middle of the night warning of impending danger, or huddled in a candle lit room writing words of defiance and freedom, or marched through the streets of Selma for the rights of all races, they are the selfless who believed in a cause and the future of a country that the world could not live without.

Some through the teachings of history are well know to us, others are not, but all shared in their belief and love for America and the freedoms that they were willing to fight for.

And although today’s socialists and fascists would like to remove these names from our history books, it’s important that we remember what they stood for.

Freedom and Liberty.

Please share with us in remembering some of the most important documents, speeches, and letters in America’s history written and given by great American’s who believed in what this country stood for and what it has to offer.


Democrats - Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.

Republicans - Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

Libertarians - Learn to fish or starve.