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Obama Sings To the Union Faithful

His Royal Highness, President Obama, hit the campaign trail today and sang the union song in his speech to the union faithful in Milwaukee. Stammering and stumbling through his speech today because he didn’t have a teleprompter, the Royal One spoke so convincingly about how he saved all those union jobs.

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Is Ben Quayle Catching On Fire?

I guess someone else shares Republican candidate Ben Quayle’s assessment of the Obama presidency. Can someone from Grand Junction Colorado verify if this sign really exists???

Jimmy Carter sign declaing Obama is worse than him.

The Royal Family Goes On Yet Another Vacation

The Royal Family is once again proud to announce that they are going on yet another vacation for 10 days to Martha’s Vineyard. Coming on the heels of his quick visit to the Gulf for a photo op and to make the folks in the Gulf area think that he really cares about them and Her Royal Highnesses trip to Spain to help a grieving friend, the conservative press is expected to have a field day over his latest family adventure.

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An Obama First: It’s Not Bush’s Fault

Okay, well he didn’t quite put it that why, but for the first time since anyone can remember the President didn’t blame former President Bush for wrecking the current economy…now it’s the CEO’s of American companies that are to blame!

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Was First Lady’s Trip to Spain a Noble Deed?

Lynn Sweet from the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Michelle Obama’s trip was not really all it was reported to be. The First Lady who has caught a lot of flak for taking yet another vacation on the taxpayer’s dime apparently went to Spain not for herself, but to spend time with a grieving friend.

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Obama Signs Bill To Save Union Jobs

President Obama signed the $26 billion dollar union workers bail out bill…ooops I mean jobs bill, today while at the same stroke of his pen reduces welfare to 40 million needy Americans. You read that right, in order to fund $12 billion of the bill the President used the poor and needy families of America to “save” 300,000 union jobs.

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Does Obama Think You’re Stupid?

The President once again tried to put a spin on the jobs data report released on Friday for the month of July. The President proclaimed that America was moving forward in job growth creation by announcing that 71,000 private sector jobs were created. But in the usual Obama spin, he forgot to tell you the rest of the story.

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Obama: Things Could Be Worse

After riding a campaign victory based on a slogan of “Hope and Change,” the President who has yet to accomplish any of his campaign goals with the exception of the government takeover of the healthcare and financial industries, has decided to try a new slogan:

“Things could be worse.”

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Obama’s tough stand on terrorism

The Obama regime has just announced that it is cutting $53 million from the federal funds it provides to the city of New York for training and preparation for terrorist attacks. Seems like a bit of a snub in lieu of recent events that have occurred in the city and in light of the fact that the terrorist have a long history of laying their carnage there. Ironically, Obama was in New York on the day of the announcement for a fund raiser. Who gives this guy money?

Words of Wisdom

I would say that was intended to terrorize, and I would say that whomever did that would be categorized as a terrorist – Robert Gibbs

Now I know why Obama hired him, he’s brilliant!

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