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Arizona Governor to Appeal Immigration Ruling

A fired up Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said Wednesday she would swiftly appeal a judge’s ruling blocking key parts of a new state immigration law, vowing to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. “This fight is far from over. In fact, it is just the beginning, and at the end of what is certain to be a long legal struggle, Arizona will prevail in its right to protect our citizens,” Brewer said in a statement.

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Arizona Judge Blocks Part of Immigration Law

In a slap to the face of every legal immigrant and law abiding citizen in the United States, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton blocked the heart of Arizona’s Immigration set to take effect today. The Clinton appointee said the controversial sections should be put on hold until the courts resolve the issues, including sections that required officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws.

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Judge Rips Feds In Arizona Immigration Lawsuit

A federal judge pushed back Thursday against a contention by the Obama Justice Department that a tough new Arizona immigration law set to take effect next week would cause “irreparable harm” and intrude into federal immigration enforcement.

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Obama’s Immigration Speech: It’s Not My Fault

Obama’s immigration speech on Thursday was once again filled with his usual rhetoric and blame game. Citing delays in an immigration bill on recalcitrant Republicans whom he said had given in to the “pressures of partisanship and election-year politics.”

Honestly, the President is once again looking like the odd man out who doesn’t “get it.” With support for Arizona’s immigration law growing everyday, the legal citizens are fed up and want results, not more of O-blame-a’s inability to understand one simple concept: secure the borders first!

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Obama Immigration Speech Failure

In his immigration speech today, President Obama cited the most prominent symbol of America’s immigrant tradition: The Statue of Liberty. And this time even with his trusty teleprompter, he failed again.

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Immigration Reform: A Common Sense Approach

It appears as though the immigration issue will have to wait until after the mid-term elections. Congress is attempting to cram through a flurry of bills before the Memorial Day weekend and when they return they’ll then have to settle in to try to reconcile the different version of each houses Finance Reform Bills. Read more…

Open mouth, insert foot Part 2

As pointed out in a previous post, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted in front of a congressional committee that he had not read Arizona’s immigration bill. Now it appears that there are others within in the Obama regime who have spoken out against the Arizona Immigration law who are also engaging in this act of ignorance. Read more…

AG Eric Holder: Open mouth, insert foot

Despite repeatedly voicing concerns about Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law in recent weeks and threatening to challenge it, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday he has not yet read the law — which is only 10 pages long.
“I have not had a chance to — I’ve glanced at it,” Holder said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing when asked had he read the state law cracking down on illegal immigrants. Read more…

Latest Arizona Polls

The latest polls are in and according to Pew 59% of Americans support the Arizona law and according to a NBC/Wall street Journal poll, 64% of Americans support the Arizona law. Now you know why the Obama regime has put off tackling the Immigration bill until after the midterm elections. After illegally forcing through a bloated Healthcare bill that was overwhelmingly rejected by the American public, trying to explain an Immigration bill whose sole purpose is not to secure and enforce our borders, but to legalize 12 million future Democratic voters just before the midterms could be catastrophic for the Democrats. As it is, they’re going to have to explain to the American public why they felt the need to have a perpetual $50 BILLION slush fund to continue bailing banks out for bad behavior. And who said only the Republicans were buddies with the big banks?

L.A. City Council: Village Idiots?

Is it possible for a governing body to wholly consist of village idiots? In the case of the Los Angeles City Council, one might think so. The union bought city council has passed an ordinance requiring that the city boycott the state of Arizona in protest of that states new immigration law. Continuing to perpetuate the lie that the law encourages racial profiling, members of the council sounded off in their impassioned pleas of ignorance by proclaiming the following:

“This is very frightening,” Councilman Paul Koretz said. “If this was being proposed at the federal level, I would think we were absolutely at the very beginnings of what went on in Nazi Germany.” Read more…

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