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AARP: Welcome to Hypocrites Paradise

We just have to offer a charter membership to AARP for it’s participation in support of the Obama regimes drive to ram healthcare down our throats and then turning on it’s employees when it comes time to pay for it. AARP heavily lobbied for the passage of the Healthcare Bill and was the leader in advertising it on TV to try to drum up support for it with the American people.

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More Healthcare Woes

The new health care law wasn’t supposed to undercut employer plans that have provided most people in the U.S. with coverage for generations, but what the Obama regime doesn’t want to talk about especially with the mid-term elections so near is that more and more employers are considering cutting employer healthcare plans.

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Healthcare Companies to Hike Rates Due to Obamacare

As everyone predicted and long denied by Democrats, several Health Insurance companies have announced rate hikes effective October 1st specifically due to the provisions that are required by law in the Healthcare Bill passed by Congress in March of this year.

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Why The Democrats Won’t Talk About Healthcare

“We’ve got to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it.” – Nancy Pelosi during the Healthcare Bill debate.

Don’t expect the Democrats to talk about the Healthcare bill during the busy campaign season. There’s a reason for that.

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Missouri Voters Reject Obama Healthcare

In a resounding defeat of the White House’s socialist policies, Missouri voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a key provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law, sending a clear message of discontent to Washington and Democrats less than 100 days before the midterm elections.

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More Bad News for Healthcare

Companies that offer employee health insurance expect another steep jump in medical costs next year, and more will ask workers to share a bigger chunk of the expense, according to a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report.

For the first time, most of the American workforce is expected to have health insurance deductibles of $400 or more, the consulting firm said in a report released to The Associated Press.

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Rasmussen Poll: Support for Healthcare repeal rising

Support for repeal of the new national health care plan has jumped to its highest level ever. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 63% of U.S. voters now favor repeal of the plan passed by congressional Democrats and signed into law by President Obama in March. Read more…

Healthcare Reality: Obama Lied to Small Businesses

The Obama regime unveiled the small business tax credit earlier this week, officials touted its “broad eligibility” for companies with fewer than 25 workers and average annual wages under $50,000 that provide health coverage. But many small business owners are finding that not to be the truth. Read more…

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