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Big Brother Arrives: 26 Years Later

With the passing of the Finance Reform Bill, it truly appears as if Big Brother has finally arrived. As the days and weeks pass and people are finally able to read through this behemoth, only time will tell if the negative reaction will reach the same levels it did with the passing of the Healthcare Bill. And the timing may be even worse for Democrats seeking re-election. Early reports of rules hidden deep in this bill indicates that the socialist Democrats have given the government unprecedented access to our daily financial activities including what goes on in your checking account and what you purchase with your credit cards.

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Race Quotas Hidden in Finance Reform Bill to Cost Millions

Buried deep in the bowels of the massive financial-regulation bill the Senate passed Thursday are massive race- and gender-employment provisions that will cost countless millions to enforce and appear to duplicate other civil-rights initiatives already in place.

More importantly, all private financial institutions doing business with the federal government will be affected by them, sources tell Newsmax.

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How Does Obama Sleep At Night?

After the Senate passed the Finance Reform Bill, the President released a statement that read more like a fairy tale than truth. If there’s anybody out there who actually believes what this guy says below…please raise your hand. Here’s the last paragraph:

“I said when I took office we can’t simply rebuild this economy on the same pile of sand — on maxed-out credit cards, houses used like ATM machines, or overleveraged firms on Wall Street. We need to rebuild on a firmer, stronger foundation for economic growth. That’s why we invested in renewable energy that’s currently creating new jobs all across America. That’s why we’re reforming our education system so that our workers can compete in the global economy. That’s why we passed health reform that will lower costs for families and businesses. And that’s why I’m about to sign Wall Street reform into law — to protect consumers and lay the foundation for a stronger and safer financial system — one that is innovative, creative, competitive, and far less prone to panic and collapse. Along with the steps we’re taking to spur innovation, encourage hiring and rein in our deficits, this is how we’re ultimately going to build an economy that is stronger and more prosperous than it was before, and one that provides opportunity for all Americans.”

Obama Signs Finance Reform Bill

The Obama regime completed the second step of their socialist takeover of America today by signing the Finance Reform Bill. The bill which rewards financial institutions for bad behavior and penalizes the American consumer by making them pay for it will ultimately be another notch in the demise of the Obama regime in 2012 when America realizes, like healthcare, that government has no place in the private sector.

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Finance Reform Update

Taking aim at deceptive lending, the Senate on Wednesday voted to ban mortgage brokers and loan officers from getting greater pay for offering higher interest rates on loans, and to require that borrowers prove they can repay their loans. Read more…

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