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Liar Liar Barbara Boxer

If there were truth in advertising laws Barbara Boxer, along with many other politicians, would have to be arrested and sent to jail for crimes against advertising. One of the worse and most inaccurate political ads of this election season is the continuous ad being ran by Boxer highlighting Carly Fiorina’s actions while CEO of Hewlitt Packard.

What can only be described as manipulating the facts, sort of like Al Gore’s fuzzy math, Boxer claims that during her term at HP Fiorina laid off 30,000 workers, sent jobs overseas, and bought five corporate jets.

And the answer is…guilty, guilty, guilty. But wait, because Barbara Boxer has never ran a company, she wouldn’t know what it takes to run a company. The difference is that Carly Fiorina ran a huge conglomerate that required tough decisions…decisions that someone like Barbara boxer wouldn’t understand because even though Boxer is accountable to the citizens of California and America, she spent our money like a drunken sailor on shore leave for years without having to deal with the repercussions of her decisions. Something you’d expect from someone who has been in Congress for 28 years and is completely out of touch with the plight of the common man in this economy.

So let’s address Boxer’s claims and you’ll see why Carly Fiorina is a far better choice for the Senate than Boxer is.

To understand what led to these claims, we’ll have to go back in history a little bit and look at what led to the claims during Fiorina’s reign at HP.

Fiorina was named CEO of Hewlett-Packard in July 1999, the first woman to lead a Fortune 100 company. She reorganized the company’s structure and pushed for a controversial 2002 merger with Compaq Computer Corp., in an attempt to get a greater share of the personal computer market.

At the time HP employed over 84,000 workers and Compaq employed over 63,000. But the sad truth is when two companies combine many jobs are now being duplicated. Everybody and anybody who has worked for a large company knows that this is an inevitable side effect of mergers. Every industry has gone through it.

In an interview with InformationWeek on Oct. 16, 2006, Fiorina talked about the merger with Compaq. “When we combined the R&D budgets of HP and Compaq, we didn’t have to have two R&D teams working on industry standard servers, for instance. We could have one. That’s why the merger was such a great idea. We could decrease the cost structure by billions and billions of dollars. In the course of my time there, we laid off over 30,000 people. That’s why I understand where the anger came from.”

But what Boxer also didn’t tell you is that by the end of her tenure, HP was larger than the combined workforce of HP and Compaq at the time of the merger in 2001. And what Fiorina doesn’t get credit for is that she laid the groundwork that allowed HP to be the largest seller of computers in the world today.

As for the jobs being shipped overseas, she fesses up to that to. And I’ll be honest with you, she did the right thing. In order to be competitive in today’s market place, you have to be able to compete at price point. That’s why so many companies export jobs. And the sad truth is…Americans have priced themselves out of the market. The downside of the global economy is that there is always someone who would do it cheaper. That’s how America grew!!! Because we could do it cheaper and more productively than anyone else. But the Rooster came to roost and third world countries who were willing to pay one-tenth the wages are putting Americans out of work. These countries can’t compete with American productivity, but Americans haven’t learned the harsh reality that they are going to have to take less money if they want to keep their jobs.

Think of it this way, if Fiorina didn’t ship those jobs overseas to lower costs, HP probably wouldn’t be the largest computer company in the world. I think anyone who has to make the bold decision to ship 10,000 jobs overseas in order to save 150,000 jobs is worth voting for.

So now that we’ve cleared up the 30,000 layoffs and shipping jobs overseas, what about those five airplanes? Easy. Those five airplanes were bought to replace their fleet of four older airplanes that needed to be retired. Funny how Boxer makes it sound like she went on a spending spree!

Another one of Boxers false statements:

Fiorina didn’t pay herself $100,000,000. The shareholders and Board of Directors did.

Barbara Boxer like so many Democrats has no record to run on. Her votes have put us trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, made government bigger and bigger and enslaved millions and millions of Americans in government entitlement program, which has resulted in more Americans than ever to live in poverty.

She can’t talk about her vote for the Healthcare bill, she can’t talk about her vote for the Finance Reform Bill, and she can’t talk about the countless votes that have taken us down the path to socialism.

And yet what’s ironic, Carly Fiorina has had countless interviews with TV and print media concerning her tenure at HP and why she did what she had to do. Let’s see Barbara Boxer do that.

It’s time for Barbara Boxer to go.

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