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The New Math

One of the great things about living in the once great state of California is when you get to watch the progressive socialist Legislature come up with an idea that they think showcases their agenda and then it backfires. Case in point is the California High School Exit Exam. Devised in 2001 for the graduating class of 2004, the students performed so bady that after two years they stopped the test so they could dumb it down so more kids could pass. The original test was designed for students to be able to perform language arts at a 10th grade level (only needing a 60% score to pass) and to perform math at an 8th grade level (with only a 55% score to pass). The failure rate still runs just under 20%, but the state claims in 2009, 91% of all graduating students had passed. You start taking the test as a sophomore so you have plenty of chances to pass it. So in honor of Al Gore fuzzy math (thanks for inventing the internet Al!), here’s a little diddy about the “New Math:”

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Taxpayers Pay For Welfare Recipients Gaming

A Los Angeles Times review finds that in more than half of the state’s casinos and gaming rooms, welfare recipients can get cash from state-issued EBT cards. Officials say they’re moving to block such transactions.

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Californication: Nanny State Updates

Another chapter of how California has gone from being the Golden State to being the Nanny State…

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Vallejo CA: City of the Future

Heading north on Highway 80 just out of Oakland, you pass through the town of Vallejo. From the highways and the many roads that lead into town you pass the signs that welcome you into the city:

Welcome to the Bay Area
City of Opportunity

But the city of opportunity has turned into the city of the future, a future no resident wants for their city. Read more…

Meg Whitman: Right Turn Clyde!

Meg Whitman, the leading Republican California gubernatorial candidate, appears to be trying to shore up her once double digit lead over Steve Poizner by taking a turn to the right. Read More…

L.A. City Council: Village Idiots?

Is it possible for a governing body to wholly consist of village idiots? In the case of the Los Angeles City Council, one might think so. The union bought city council has passed an ordinance requiring that the city boycott the state of Arizona in protest of that states new immigration law. Continuing to perpetuate the lie that the law encourages racial profiling, members of the council sounded off in their impassioned pleas of ignorance by proclaiming the following:

“This is very frightening,” Councilman Paul Koretz said. “If this was being proposed at the federal level, I would think we were absolutely at the very beginnings of what went on in Nazi Germany.” Read more…

Too much time on their hands

One more reason why the California legislature needs to become a part-time legislature. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 147 profoundly declares April 2010 as “Financial Aid and Literacy Month” to raise public awareness about the need for increased financial literacy. Am I the only one who thinks that these guys have way too much time on their hands? How ironic that these proud Legislators feel the need to promote financial responsibility while they continue to bankrupt our state!

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